Stones & Crystals

In all of nature, is there anything as dazzlingly beautiful as a crystal?

Any light passing through the body of a crystal becomes a vision, and every angle on it reveals another scintillating reflection.

A crystal is a star you can hold in your hand.

And what would even the most glorious star be without planets to hold life? Precious stones, from mysterious obsidian to brilliant lapis lazuli, reveal the colours and emotions of the sacred Mother Earth.

When you become the guardian of a crystal or a stone, you intensify your connection with the darkness and light of the universe.

Come to Ascendant to see our amazing Crystal Gallery. Here you will find offerings from India, Russia, Madagascar, Morocco, Poland, and beyond. Hold these magnificent crystals or stones. Feel their properties. Experience all the power they possess to heal your body and uplift your mind.

Disclaimer: We at Ascendant Books want you to heal using the finest tools in existence, which includes both Western and Eastern medicine. Please work with your doctor for best results.