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Monday: Elizabeth (angel) 12-4
Tuesday: Harry (tarot) 12-4
Wednesday: Mickie (tarot) 3-7
Thursday: Marie (tarot) 12-4, Mickie (tarot) 4-7
Friday: Liana (angel) 1:30-5pm
Saturday: Harry (tarot) 12-4 or Maureen (angel) 1-4
Sunday: Liana (angel) 1-4pm

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Meet Our Readers

Marie Tovell Walker

Marie Tovell Walker

I have had a lifelong interest in Spirit and how we, as human beings, can understand and connect to Spirit and to each other. As a retired nurse, I studied at The Northern Star College of Mystical Studies in Edmonton and graduated with a diploma in Intuitive Counselling which included Tarot. I continued to study under Skye MacLachlan and received a three-year certificate in Advanced Tarot.

I read cards to help people understand what is going on in their lives and to use guidance from Spirit to manage their own lives and improve their relationships. I believe that Tarot is an art form that makes sense of a confusing world and provides a way for Spirit to support and guide us. And besides that, it’s fun!

15 minute session → $30
60 minute session → $60


Liana Shannon

Liana has been doing angel connection readings at Ascendant Books for a number of years now. Her spiritual journey and psychic experiences have been a central part of her life since early childhood. This led her to be mentored by a psychic and medium for eight years in her adolescence and early adulthood. She continued to learn from Spiritual teachers in various methodologies such as Reiki (Reiki Master/Teacher certification), Shamanism (Foundation for Shamanic Studies), Angel reading certification (Doreen Virtue), soul coaching, tarot, and many more. Angel readings emerged as her calling to connect clients with their life journey guidance and that is the loving objective of the messages she brings to those that meet with her. Her spiritual articles have been published on the Ascendant website and in Mosaic magazine.

30 minute session → $60


Harry Gordichuk

Tarot For Body, Mind and Soul

Harry brings over 20 years of experience in reading Tarot and practicing numerology. Through a love of mathematics and how numbers work, he began studying numerology. Numerology led to the tarot.

Harry demystifies the old beliefs around tarot readings and brings a fresh approach to whatever questions people may have. His clients see him as a Spiritual advisor. His focus is on keeping the information positive and fun.

30 minute session → $60


Mickie Lynn

Mickie Lynn is an intuitive visionary, clairvoyant and a seer “born knowing’.  For more than 30 years she has used her gifts to help heal the inner spirit.  She recognized that she could communicate with spirit when she was a child. She uses her gift as a catalyst for messages from spirit and a teacher of love and compassion.  She is also a Medium, Reiki Master, Energy/Lightworker healer and Theta Healer.  As a Spiritual Advisor she shares Divine Wisdom through the use of the Tarot and Angel Cards.  Mickie is able to receive communication from “behind the veil” to offer clarity, inner peace and comfort to her clients on life’s pressing questions.  

Mickie trained and mentored with international psychic and channel J. Branson from Jacksonville Florida.  She has also attended workshops which include  Doreen Virtue, John Holland, Bryan Weiss, Cheryl Richardson, "Abraham", Caroline Myss,  to name a few.

Mickie's  intention is to be helpful in providing guidance to assist you in navigating life's challenges and beautiful opportunities.                                                                      

There is a place is you that is "peaceful, loving, and perfect". Spirit can take you there. Blessings!!

30 minute session → $60

Maureen Bracke

Maureen realized from a young age that she was protected. She didn’t know it was the angels until much later but now embraces the angels as part of her team and encourages other to have them as part of their team (this is the assignment Maureen readily accepted from the angels). She spends time with the angels every day and is always asking for guidance from her trusted team.

Maureen is committed to assisting people to receive loving messages from the angels that will help them to heal the parts of themselves that are holding them back for living their best life and to make the changes and shifts that will bring them peace. Maureen’s clients usually come away from an angel reading feeling peaceful and that they have received some valuable healing and/or guidance from the angels.

After working with the angels for a time she was called to become an Angel Therapy Practitioner and in 2004 took the course from Doreen Virtue. The next year she returned for more training with Doreen Virtue and became a Professional Spiritual Teacher and began giving angel readings as well as teaching courses and workshops to help people connect with the angels. Maureen is a Soul Coach™, and Past Life Coach, trained by Denise Linn as well as a Personal and Life Coach trained through the industry leaders at Coach University Inc. By listening to her guidance Maureen found her purpose and her personal path. She is passionate about the work she does and finds her work very fulfilling and truly effortless.

15 minute session → $25
30 minute session → $50


Elizabeth Mussalati

Elizabeth is gifted with insights and a deep seeing and provides a safe space to help you release blockages, gain understanding of what is holding you back, and move into a loving acceptance and openness. 

She has been practicing many spiritual methods since her youth and is a fully qualified German Naturopath and Reiki Master. She studied various healing practices, including past life regression, massage, and CranioSacral therapy.
Elizabeth trained with several psychics, including Doreen Virtue, in Angel guidance and medium-ship. In Australia she continued working for many years as a holistic healer and medical intuitive giving psychic readings and supporting her clients in identifying and releasing core issues. 

Her goal in giving psychic and angel tarot readings is to support her clients in addressing challenges and gaining insight into their own deeper strength.

30 minute session → $60



Hi, I'm Amber, an Intuitive Spiritual Medium. I feel my purpose is to provide helpful and healing messages and guidance from Spirit. I use different techniques to relay my messages. My readings are very guided by the divine wisdom that all of us hold inside of us. I have been reading Oracle/Tarot Cards for myself since 2008. Since I was young, I’ve had an interest in Psychics, Psychic Readings, the Psychic Phenomenon and the New Age Culture. I have always had a "sixth sense"; a sense of knowing. I have a very strong connection with angels and I have very strong "Clairs", such as Clairvoyant, Clairaudio, Clairgonance. I am also empathic. I am able to relate to many people and to many life situations such as trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety and addictions. I'm currently studying for my Degree in Metaphysical Sciences to build my knowledge surrounding the metaphysical world.

I feel everyone on the planet is in need of self-love and soul-healing and that our world is in need of love and peace. The more healing that occurs in people, the more love and peace it will bring to our planet!