March Movement

Get Marching - Move Yourself Forward This Month!


March is a month related to transition as we approach the energy of a new season. Preparing for growth and change, we have the opportunity to align ourselves with our deepest intentions. As a colour that guides us into this awareness, turquoise inspires and balances, giving a voice to the wisdom we have acquired in the stillness of winter.


Embodying Balance

  • Turquoise radiates qualities of both blue and green creating the perfect blend of calmness, tranquility, balance and growth.

  • As a healing colour, turquoise works well during times of stress as it has the ability to heal on an emotional level.

  • Surrounding yourself with turquoise promotes open communication and creative expression by aligning the heart and the spoken word.

  • By inspiring independence and clarity, the colour turquoise enhances the ability to focus and concentrate.

  • In Feng Shui, turquoise correlates to knowledge and self cultivation.

Follow along throughout March as we welcome Spring, transition and all the tools to keep us moving forward!

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