Stones of the Month | January

In keeping with the spirit of red, our stones of the month are energetically attuned to that vibration.


Garnet is considered to be a lucky stone and is the traditional birthstone for those born in January. It’s primary properties are all related to creating energy and regeneration. Known as the “Stone of Health” it helps to remove negative energies to strengthen the body and the mind.



Ruby was once considered to be the stone of kings and queens. The majestic quality of the stone cannot be minimized as it has the ability to increase vitality and chi by stimulating the Root Chakra. It brings the wearer a sense of self confidence and determination. The intense vibration of ruby can amplify energy which brings heightened awareness and increases the ability to concentrate.



Coral is known as a stone of peace and transformation. It is made from an accumulation of polyps and is found in water around the world. It is finely tuned to ocean and water energy and helps to support you through periods of change and transformation.


Laguna Jasper

Helping to inspire imagination and inspiration, laguna jasper is a great stone for creativity. Vibrating at a slower frequency and lower intensity, it promotes self confidence and provides a strengthening influence.


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