Flower Essences To Align With Self-Worth and Abundance


In addition to their beauty, flowers have therapeutic properties that we can benefit from. Flower essences are infusions that are made from the flowers of a plant. They are different from herbal remedies or essential oils as they provide healing on a vibrational level. They do not work with physical conditions but address underlying issues which exist on an energetic level.

There are an abundance of flower essences that offer support for a variety of issues. What essence you are intuitively drawn is the first step in beginning your healing journey. Here are a few examples of essences that align with self worth and abundance.

Agrimony - “I deserve to be myself and ask for what I am worth”

A gentle essence for working with emotional pain and turmoil, agrimony assists in creating emotional honesty.

Centaury - “I love myself”

Helps to act from the strength of inner purpose, centaury is an essence that is useful when there is a strong need to please others.

Crabapple - “I deserve abundance”

Cleansing and rejuvenating, crabapple releases shame and restores self esteem.

Walnut - “I am free of poverty thinking”

By clearing past experiences and beliefs that inhibit the soul’s journey, walnut creates the freedom to make healthy transitions.

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