Sound Healing

The Power of Sound

Singing Bowls for Meditation and Healing

singing bowls

Singing bowls make unique gifts that incorporate the healing power of sound and vibration. The origin of Tibetan Singing bowls is a bit of a mystery, but it is known that they were used by monks as an aid in their meditation practice.  They continue to be used in Buddhist practices as a signal to begin and end meditation.  

singing bowl

Singing bowls produce a sound similar to a bell when they are struck with a mallet.  When the bowls are “sung” - rubbed consistently with the mallet in a circular motion around the bowl edge, they produce a sound which has been referred to as “the sound of the void”.  Harmonic overtones are created which can have the effect of bringing both hemispheres of the brain into balance. Vibrational sound helps to reduce stress, alter consciousness which in turn creates a deep sense of peace and well-being.

singing bowl

Each singing bowl is unique in size, sound and composition.  Choosing a specific tone or sound is an important part of the process of picking the right bowl. Each bowl resonates with a different chakra and has a specific effect on your energy system.  Be sure to listen to the sound of each bowl before you settle on the one that is right for you.  

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