The Tales and Traditions of Easter



Easter is celebrated as a Christian holiday all over the world, but many traditions associated with Easter have their roots in pagan traditions. Easter eggs, easter bunnies and other familiar things associated with Easter, have symbolic meanings that began in ancient celebrations.


  • The pagan festival known as Eostre was connected to the Goddess Ostara, the Goddess of Spring and dawn. Budding plants, rebirth and fertility are all associated with Ostara.

  • Ostara was often depicted with a hare which also represented spring and fertility. In some ancient cultures, a hare was associated with nighttime and was also a symbol of the moon.

  • In Germanic mythology, it is said that Ostara healed a wounded bird and turned it into a hare. The hare showed its gratitude by giving Ostara eggs as gifts.

  • The egg is a symbol of fertility and renewed life and has become one of the most common symbols of Easter. The art of dying easter eggs varies in cultures throughout the world and is acknowledged as an Easter ritual.

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March Movement

Get Marching - Move Yourself Forward This Month!


March is a month related to transition as we approach the energy of a new season. Preparing for growth and change, we have the opportunity to align ourselves with our deepest intentions. As a colour that guides us into this awareness, turquoise inspires and balances, giving a voice to the wisdom we have acquired in the stillness of winter.


Embodying Balance

  • Turquoise radiates qualities of both blue and green creating the perfect blend of calmness, tranquility, balance and growth.

  • As a healing colour, turquoise works well during times of stress as it has the ability to heal on an emotional level.

  • Surrounding yourself with turquoise promotes open communication and creative expression by aligning the heart and the spoken word.

  • By inspiring independence and clarity, the colour turquoise enhances the ability to focus and concentrate.

  • In Feng Shui, turquoise correlates to knowledge and self cultivation.

Follow along throughout March as we welcome Spring, transition and all the tools to keep us moving forward!

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