Colours of the Season



Brown is the colour of material security and material possessions.

In colour psychology, it is associated with being honest, genuine and sincere.

Being practical and frugal relate to brown as it is a reminder to practice moderation.


Brown encourages orderliness and organization and is a solid symbol of strength and security,

As a colour that resonates with the earth, brown is a colour of calmness, safety and security. Combined with green, it promotes the benefits of a natural way of life.


Protection, duty and responsibility are values associated with brown. This is why it has become synonymous with stability in family life.


As a colour and a metal, copper represents wealth. In the metal form, copper has high electrical and thermal conductivity. It moves and enhances energy and amplifies thoughts and vibrational frequencies. To connect with higher dimensions and to increase psychic abilities, copper is a powerful tool.


In ancient cultures, copper was regarded as a source of healing. We now know that copper is the third most abundant trace mineral in our bodies and is required for various physiological functions.

Copper is known as the “love metal” as it helps us to open up to the energy of love. When your relationship or love life is ailing, copper zeros in and helps you find the best solution.


Copper can disperse negative energies in any room and helps to attract positive energy. Negative energy can be absorbed by copper therefore it needs to be charged regularly to keep it vibrant.

To cleanse copper jewelry, put it in a solution of warm water, lemon juice and salt. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. Ketchup and a soft bristle toothbrush can be used to remove tarnish on delicate pieces.


Featured Stones of the Month


Rutilated Quartz is a combination of clear or smoky quartz with rutile inclusions. The quartz amplifies the rutile, creating an almost electrified energy. Used to magnify the energy of intention or affirmations, it is extremely effective when meditated with. Rutilated quartz infuses one’s energetic field with light energy, helping one to enhance psychic abilities, intuition, manifestation, and inspiration for creative endeavours.

Tiger’s Eye - Travel and Protection

A stone used for protection, especially during travel, since it grounds all lower three chakras, amplifying our survival instincts, sense of self and courage. With its fibrous striations, it aids in balancing the flow of energy in our 3 chakras encouraging confidence, practicality and an ability to feel at home in the world. Tiger’s Eye strengthens and energizes our sense of purpose, propelling us to move forward.


Orgone, (aka Positive Energy Generators - PEGS), are made with unique materials such as copper, brass, aluminum curls, fiberglass resin, quartz crystals etc. Orgone aids the energy flow dynamically within each piece. The pressure of the resin creates a continuous friction of energy between the metals and the stones. Orgonite takes energy from an unhealthy state to a healthy, balanced state. It is also used as a tool for protection, may aid sleep and enhance meditation. Orgone need not be cleared, but can be lightly rinsed with water if desired.


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