Heeding the Call of the Goddess


Connect With Goddess Energy

The word ‘goddess’ has become a mainstay in current culture and conversation, but what does it mean to honour and work with goddess energy? In essence, it relates to the connection one makes with divine feminine energy, representing traits of love, compassion, empathy and receptivity. Different from the outward manifestation of masculine energy, feminine energy merges with a different aspect of life; it takes yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) to create wholeness. In a world that seems to need a great deal of yang energy, the healing essence of the divine feminine has much to offer.


The divine feminine connects us to the goddess energy within by strengthening intuition, creativity and self awareness. Ancient knowledge and inner stirrings give us the power to feel strength in a way we have long forgotten.


There are many archetypes of goddesses you can connect to by exploring how their energies manifest in your life. If you want to connect with your feminine power, there are some simple steps that can help you begin that journey and commitment.

  • Learn about the various goddesses and the energy they represent.

  • Be open to receiving - Receptive energy is the essence of feminine energy.

  • Connect with nature - Being in nature brings stillness and takes us away from the everyday responsibilities of life. Take time to listen and explore what is revealed when you are attuned to an energy you may have lost touch with.

  • Create a sacred space - Light a candle, pray, meditate and set an intention to connect to a goddess you feel connected to.

The call of the goddess is accessible to all of us - visit Ascendant Books to find the right tools to nurture your journey.

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