Connect With Guardian Angels

“Angels assist us in connecting with a powerful yet gentle force, which encourages us to live life to the fullest.''

Denise Linn


Guardian angels are like our personal bodyguards. They protect us from harm, guard us, strengthen us and help us communicate with the spiritual realm.


Ever present, the angels are here to help us. Because they operate on a different frequency, there are things we can do to strengthen the bond.

  • Pay attention to non verbal signals; goosebumps, smells and sounds are all ways our senses tune in and alert us to the presence of guardian angels.

  • Ask for help and be receptive. The angels are waiting for us to be open to receiving their assistance.

  • Use a tool that can help you tune in. Oracle or tarot cards contain deep symbolism and meaning which can assist you in understanding a message.

  • Pendulums are also powerful tools that strengthen intuition and give access to insights.

  • Keep a journal and take note of dreams, signs, and intuitive impressions. This is a way to create a habit while tracking your progress.

  • Align yourself with a higher vibration through meditation. Before meditating ask your angel to give you a sign and be open to the messages your receive. Be patient as the sign may take a while to manifest on the physical realm.

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