Sunny Summer Energy

Create your own sunshine!


Connected to the power of the sun, yellow is the most luminous of all the colours. It symbolizes happiness, creativity and optimism. Identified with the colour of the solar plexus chakra, yellow is the colour of intellect and personal power. Surround yourself with the sunny energy of yellow and ignite the spark of enthusiasm and joy.


Featured Stones of the Month

To honour this time of renewal and regeneration, our chosen stones this month connect to the energies of solstice.



Imbued with healing properties, amber transforms negative or stagnant energy into clear frequencies. Amber has the ability to purify the aura and clear negative energy in the environment. As a symbol of solidified sunlight, amber is a stone of transformation.


For sharpened focus and clarity, fluorite brings order and form to ideas and concepts. Black fluorite is cleansing, purple fluorite purifies the mind and spirit, yellow fluorite enhances intellect, green fluorite heals the heart chakra, pink fluorite activates the higher heart chakra and blue fluorite aids in communication.



A stone of gentleness and relaxation, Jasper enhances one’s ability to bring tranquility and comfort. It is called the ‘Nurturing Stone’ because of its soothing and protective energies.


Rutilated Quartz

A stone for magnifying energy, rutilated quartz has the ability to amplify intentions and affirmations. It imbues the energetic field with high energy increasing intuition and inspiration.


Found in many colours, tourmaline has a variety of properties:

Black - good for psychic protection against negativity

Pink - supports emotional healing by calming the emotional and physical body

Green - aligns the heart with the heart chakra and connects to the energy of the Earth

Blue - promotes honest communication


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