The Power of Purple

May brings an emergence of life as we continue to witness changes in nature and a connection to all that surrounds us. This month we are focusing on the colour purple, symbolizing the Crown Chakra, intuition, divinity and the magical aspects of nature.


The colour purple combines the stimulation of red with the calmness of blue. As the most powerful wavelength in the rainbow, it is a colour that is associated with royalty, mysticism and creativity. It evokes more meanings than any other colour as the varying shades elicit different emotions. Light purple is associated with femininity and romance whereas dark shades are more sombre and dignified.


A colour that evokes passion and inspiration, here are some interesting facts about this month’s shade:

  • Purple is the colour of the crown chakra which is linked to deep spiritual understanding and mystery.

  • Purple has a calming effect on the mind and nerves and can be extremely uplifting and inspiring.

  • Purple is the hardest colour for the eye to distinguish.

  • The Forbidden City in Beijing, China is actually called “The Purple Forbidden City” which is a reference to a secret purple area in heaven thought to be located somewhere near the North Star.

  • The colour purple is rarely seen in nature and as a result is often deemed to have sacred meaning.

Featured Stones For May



A stone which relieves stress and soothes obsessive thoughts, Lepidolite is a powerful mood stabilizer. It contains lithium which is helpful in calming the mind.



Known for its ability to cleanse the etheric body, charoite dispels negativity. It assists in releasing unconscious fears and helps to heal patterns of imbalance. It also helps to stimulate intuition and psychic ability and raises one’s vibration.



Known as the stone of love and romance, emerald brings and enhances joy, cleansing, clairvoyance, memory and faith. It benefits intuition and facilitates truthful communication. Emerald is also the official birthstone of May, pairing perfectly with all shades of purple.

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