Passion For Pink - A Declaration of Love!


The month of February brings with it Valentine’s Day and a hint of new beginnings. Red hearts and red roses inspire passion and declarations of love. The strength of red when mixed with white creates a new colour; the colour pink. The vibration of red changes and becomes softer and a new energy is created.


Love of Pink

  • Aligning with the heart chakra, pink is the colour of universal love.

  • Pink has a calming effect and is symbolic of feminine energy such as nurturing and compassion.

  • The colour pink gives off a creative vibe and brings feelings of hope and joy.

  • Like springtime flowers, pink evokes new beginnings and represents youth and innocence.

  • Pink is often used in hospitals and prisons to reduce erratic behaviour.


Love of Self

When you're feeling low and down on yourself, why not give yourself the gift of acceptance, love and compassion.  Here are some ways to practice self love.


Create a ritual

With intention, do something loving for yourself. Whether it’s lighting a candle, taking a bubble bath or walking in nature, it is important to send yourself the message that you are worth it.


Be Mindful

Knowing what you think, feel and want helps you to create what is right for you rather than responding to what other people think.


Set Boundaries

Say “no” to things that deplete your energy or harm you physically, emotionally or spiritually.


Surround Yourself With Support

Be open to having the right people in your life. Choose people who are on your side and want the best for you. Create a community based on positive support and inspiration.


Stop Comparing

You are a unique individual with special talents, resources and strengths. If you’re comparing yourself to people on social media or otherwise, it can leave you feeling negative and unworthy.


Wishing you all the love and light this month! Follow along we we illuminate the path inwards to LOVE!

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