Sweeping Into September


Not Your Regular Kitchen Broom!

We have a new selection of beautiful handmade brooms that are perfect for the renewal and transformation that comes with Fall and the celebration of Samhain. Also known as a Besom, the handcrafted broom was commonly known as the “witches broomstick” in ancient times. Brooms were often found just inside the home with the bristles pointing up to ward away evil spirits and negative energies. Some ancient brooms had hidden compartments in the handle that carried objects to strengthen the energy and purpose of the broom.


Today besoms are used in ritual to direct energy or to sweep away negative energy. Making way for new energy to come in, some common uses of besoms include:

  • Cleansing a ritual space or sweeping a space before casting a circle
  • Placing a besom under a bed to keep away nightmares
  • Placing a besom on an altar to help with spell casting
  • Sweeping the energy on the outside of a house to keep negative energy from entering the home
  • Handfasting ceremonies

If you want to explore the many uses of a besome for cleansing or ritual, here is a chant to use when focusing your intention and clearing your space.

    “Besom besom long and lithe
     Made from ash and willow withe
      Tied with thongs of willow bark
     In running stream at moonset dark.
     Sweep out darkness, sweep out ill
     Where we do the Lady’s will.
     So Be It. Blessed Be.


Come by Ascendant Books and browse these beautiful brooms before they fly out the door. Wishing you a clean sweep into September! 

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