Divine Guidance ~ Pendulums


Using a Pendulum for Guidance and Answers

Pendulums are a divine tool to answer questions and seek guidance. Historically, they have been used to locate water, pinpoint illness in the body or find lost objects. So how do they work?By tapping into our subconscious mind, pendulums help us to access things our conscious mind is not aware of.  Here are a few pointers in getting started with a pendulum.

Start by learning to read the meaning of the motion the pendulum makes. Sit still, hold your elbow in your hand, and dangle the chain of the pendulum.

Think of the word “Yes” and watch which way the pendulum moves...then ask a specific question you know has a “Yes” answer. Keep the question simple and then do the same for the word “No”. Now you know which way the pendulum moves for each response. 

After your pendulum is calibrated, practice with it and focus on making your questions specific - in other words, questions should only have a “Yes” or “No” response. If the pendulum moves in another direction, that probably means you have found a response for “I don’t know”. 

Have fun picking a pendulum that you resonate with. It’s a powerful tool for accessing intuition and using it frequently establishes a bond that you can rely on to see the bigger picture. 

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