The Benefits of Reading To Your Child


Almost every adult can remember a special favourite book from childhood. It may be a book that was read to us by our parents or grandparents and the story may have been repeated over and over so often that we have never forgotten it.


We carry a large selection of children’s books and are strong supporters of sharing the joy of reading with children. Here are some of the benefits your child can experience when you read to them:

Children develop language skills and increase their vocabulary.

It helps them to concentrate, focus and sit still for longer periods of time

As knowledge is shared, question can be encouraged. Curiosity encourages a love
of learning.


Imagination and creativity are developed as the child engages with a story. Every character comes alive when the magic of reading inspires involvement and excitement.

A special bond is created with your child that will last a lifetime. Cuddle up and enjoy the shared experience of storytime.



Exposing your child to reading encourages them to develop a lifelong love of reading. Happy memories will encourage them to make reading a habit throughout their life.

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