Winged and Whimsical Friends of Summer!


Winged and Whimsical Statues 

Garden Statues can add personal style to any garden. People choose statues for a variety of reasons; to create reflective and restful places or to bring spiritual inspiration and emotional value to a special place.


On the Wings of Angels

Creating peace, solace and beauty, angels can inspire special meaning. Angels are often viewed as protectors or compassionate beings that guard over people and places. Sometimes people place a statue of an angel that represents a specific quality determined by religious beliefs or they choose an angel that represents an emotion such as love, healing or compassion. Placing an angel in your home or garden can imbue your space with the aura of spirit that comes from another realm. 


 Fairy Magic

According to legend, fairies possess the power to bring health, happiness, blessing and magic to your home and garden. Many European cultures believed that fairies and spirits visited their gardens and yards creating mischief or offering gifts. If you want to bring fantasy and whimsy to your home or garden by creating an enchanted space for the fairies to visit, place statues of fairies, mushrooms and other charming reminders of their magical world. Adding a gnome to your garden is believed to prevent the mischief the fairies bring as they are considered to be protective spirits of the garden.  


Come find your next summer statue to enhance any space in your home, inside and out! 

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