Align With the Energy of July's Blood Moon


July 27 marks the longest Blood Moon of our century coupled with a lunar eclipse. Ground in and navigate through this special time with a tarot forecast from our newest reader, Elizabeth. This 3 card reading offers us insight to assist in harnessing the energies of this unique moon. 

What Does this Mean for Us? 

During this eclipse the moon is not totally covered and it appears to be red. Though this spectacle can only be viewed on the other side of the planet, the power and significance can be felt worldwide.

Image sourced from  The Sun UK

Image sourced from The Sun UK

Astrological Details

This full moon is in the astrological sign of Aquarius, in the sun sign of Leo with a Mars conjunction and a square with Uranus. This is a powerful full moon as it brings a lot of tension and held power with it. This Blood Moon offers us a chance to leap forward by the explosives powers of Uranus, opening us up from our comfort and habits to be freed into a new and bigger state of being!

Let's see what the cards offer for all of us to move through this time and use the power of this moon for our highest purpose. 

For this purpose I chose two card decks:


1) The Spirit Messages by John Holland
I chose this deck to allow any hidden messages from our higher consciousness to emerge. 

And as it fits to move through difficult and challenging times

2) "Rainbow Warrior Awaken"
by Mara Berendt Friedman and Trinity Harris.

The spirit of this deck fits to move through this challenging and difficult time and it can help to remind us of our inner strength!


The first card is "strength" from the spirit messages oracle deck

The second one is the outcome: Gratitude

And the third one for what we need to look at to move through  (picked from the Rainbow Warrior card deck) : "Shadow"


These are very interesting cards!


The "strength" card came as the answer to what is it that we need as a collective and also individuals in this phase.

It says that strength can come from various sources and it has to do with balance of body, mind and soul. Strength here comes also from a deeper level- the knowing that we are never alone but belong to something bigger.

With strength giving us confidence that we can move through anything, this card helps us to remember to stay focused and to not be afraid. 


I asked for the outcome secondly, what will this time bring us? 

The answer is "gratitude"

No matter how things seem at the moment, there is always goodness in everything. If we focus on what we can be thankful for we allow the abundance to grow in our life.

This challenging time of the blood moon will bring more good things and a freed self with it and we will be thankful in the end no matter how difficult it seemed while we went through it.


The third card has to do with what we need to look at to move through this challenging time.


The "shadow" indicates that there is something unconscious in us that we need to deal with. It may seem to be dark. To move forward we need to look at it, face it and release it so it can be transformed. Anything that we kept pushed away seems to be stronger as long as we ignore it. However once we allow ourselves to face it, embrace it and love it, it frees the energy that has been bound in it. Often these shadows have to do with our deepest fears and wounds. It could also be behaviours that we don't like in us and ignore. 

Let's take this chance and heal that wound or fear. In the knowledge of not being alone we can free our spirit! The outcome will be that we are grateful- we found new resources and strengths in us that had previously not been available to us.

So these are the messages from the oracle cards as to how we can move through this "blood moon". We can do it, we can overcome any challenges by remembering our strengths and embracing our shadows even if they first look scary. We will be filled with gratitude to have been given this big chance to free ourselves from suppression and negative powers.

Collectively this time is about ripping off any veils that covered what is real going on.

💜 Elizabeth 

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