Ascendant Books' Mother's Day Stones


Motherly Energy

In honour of Mother’s Day, we have chosen stones that represent the kindness, unconditional love and understanding that mother’s bring.


Blue Lace Agate

The soft, soothing beauty of blue lace agate has a positive effect on emotions. The gentle energy calms, uplifts and offers encouragement and support to the wearer. In stressful situations or where communication is a problem, this stone encourages the user to express matters of an emotional nature. 


The clear, peach-pink colour of this stone opens the heart and embodies the innocence of Divine love. Bringing healing and compassion, it attunes to the energy of the heart chakra and relieves stress and anxiety. Encouraging peace and inner strength, it keeps the wearer connected to the energy of a Higher Power.

Pink Tourmaline

One of the most loving stones for children, pink tourmaline has a special connection to mothers. It is calming, centering and is a good stone to use for pregnancy and childbirth. Connected to the energy of the heart, it’s an extraordinary stone to use for cleansing the emotional body.

Mother of Pearl

The white, off white and pale pink tones of mother of pearl connects to the beauty of motherhood. It has a calming effect and reduces feelings of aggression. Resonating to the the energy of the solar plexus and throat chakras, this iridescent stone enhances communication skills and expression. It is said that placing a piece of mother of pearl on the belly of a newborn will ensure life long protection for the baby.


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