Bustin' Out Crystal Bag For Spring

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Bustin' Out Bag for Spring

The bag we have put together for this month includes all of the stones of the month plus citrine and magnesite. These stones are meant to propel you into action! Harness the power of the Aries Ram and BUST OUT with these hand selected helpers: 

Tiger’s Eye

In ancient times, Tiger’s Eye was believed to imbue the wearer with the ability to observe everything; even that which was not visible to the naked eye. It was regarded as a stone of prosperity and good fortune and gave the wearer the ability to handle power wisely. It’s an ideal stone for entrepreneurs and business people because it encourages creative thinking.


A grounding and protective stone, bronzite is beneficial in alleviating indecision and doubt. It is known as a ‘stone of focused action’ and has the ability to promote loving and unprejudiced discernment.

It is said that in ancient Rome, ground Bronzite was used as an elixir to protect against mental confusion, illness and to strengthen the nerves.


Quartz crystal amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it. It is useful for meditation as well as healing because it is able to hold and maintain a pattern of energy for a long period of time.

When clear quartz crystals are placed with other stones, they enhance the energy of all the stones. For this reason, it is an ideal stone to use in creating grids. As a master healer crystal, clear quartz can stimulate energy flow as well as cleanse and purify negativity.


A stone of manifestation and personal will, citrine assists in acquiring wealth and success. It is helpful in financial endeavours and promotes self confidence and self esteem. Love and happiness are attached to this stone therefore it is useful when dealing with difficult people.


Bringing deep peace and relaxation, magnesite is useful in meditation. It helps to bring unconscious thoughts to the surface and has the ability to bring the mind into a harmonious state.

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