Ways to Use Essential Oils


Essential oils are extremely versatile and can be used in multiple ways. As long as you remember to keep in mind how powerful the oils can be, you will become more comfortable with using them in different ways. Explore the various oils and find out what scents are your favorites.


In the Bath
Having a scented bath with essential oils is a great way to relax. Make sure the oils you choose are mixed with an emulsifier like a carrier oil, milk or salt. Oils without an emulsifier will float on the surface of the water and have direct contact with the skin. A safe dose is 5-10 drops mixed with ½ cup to 1 cup of salt or emulsifier. Avoid spicy oils such as cinnamon, thyme,oregano or citrus oils. Mild oils such as lavender or rose are non irritating.

Dilutions should be about 2.5% for adults which is about 1 ounce of carrier oil and 15 drops of essential oil. Children under 12 should use a 1% dilution.


Two types of diffusers are common; candle diffusers and nebulizing diffusers. Candle diffusers are simple to use and provide a wonderful ambiance. Nebulizing diffusers break the oils down into small particles and blow them into the air...they are more effective at maximizing the therapeutic benefits of the oils.


For muscular aches and pains, bruises or other minor conditions, put 10 drops of oil in 4 ounces of hot water. Soak a cloth well in the mixture and put it directly on the affected area.

Around the Home
Add essential oils to water when washing countertops or floors or add a few drops to your washer when washing clothes. Adding drops to a vacuum cleaner helps to distribute the scent throughout the house or add oils to sprays or baking soda and vinegar when cleaning your bathroom or shower.

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