Yours to Perceive - Scrying Explained


An ancient practice of divination, scrying (also known as seeing, amongst other names) is a form of guidance that allows the seer to connect with visions or messages. We may think of a classic fortune teller with their crystal ball, but this ancient technique is still popular amongst occult circles, truth seekers and ritual performers.

divination and scrying

Let Go To Reveal

The word “scrying” means to reveal or to perceive. To use this ancient divination technique, let go of the power of the conscious mind and open yourself to your inner psychic sight.

The art of scrying involves utilizing a reflective surface to open yourself to inner visions. Crystal balls, water, mirrors and candles can all be used as tools for scrying. It is said that Nostradamus used a mirror to view the images that were the inspiration for his prophetic verses.

Just like any other divination tool, scrying is a learned skill. If you want to try the technique for yourself start with creating a space that will allow you to be undisturbed for at least 20 minutes. Keep the room dark and have a dim source of light such as a candle behind you. Place your crystal ball, mirror or your preferred scrying tool in front of you and set the intention for the experience.

crystal ball

Breathe slowly and deeply and when you are relaxed, gaze into the object you are using for scrying. Do not stare intently, but soften your gaze so that your eyes are relaxed. You may notice a mist or clouding and just remain open to any images that appear in your mind’s eye. Allow the images to appear and keep your mind blank. Ask a question if you wish and be open to what is revealed.

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