Hamsa and The Evil Eye

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Ascendant Books is excited to feature beautiful Hamsa and Evil Eye creations from our collection. Have you ever wondered about the history of these symbolic pieces?

ascendant books evil eye jewelry

Hamsa derives its name from the fingers on the hand as it literally means “five”. A powerful symbol for over 1800 years, the Hamsa hand has been used in many cultures. The hand can be worn with the fingers pointing up or down and although different cultures have their own interpretation of the symbols, it is generally believed to bring the owner happiness, peace and prosperity.


When the hand faces down, it opens to the abundance of the universe. Sometimes the fingers are closed together to bring good luck. When the hand faces upward, it is a sign against evil and the fingers are often spread apart to ward off anything negative.

The center of the hand often contains further images but the most common image that is found is that of the Evil Eye. The eye is representative of the eye that sees everything and can warn or protect against evil.

ascendant books evil eye

What is the Evil Eye?

We’ve all heard the expression, but it is believed that the origin of the evil eye has existed for at least 5,000 years. It is said to have started with a curse that had the ability to cause harm in varying degrees. The Evil Eye is believed to be conveyed by another person’s glare, whether it is ill intentioned or not. Turkish culture represents the eye with a blue glass bead with a circle in the middle and when a hamsa is combined with an evil eye, the effect is an extremely powerful symbol of protection.

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