Ascendant Books' October Birthstone Bag

Ascendant Books Crystal Birthstones

Silver Topaz

Also called White Topaz, Silver Topaz is a stone that brings clarity and awareness. It assists in releasing negativity and encourages positive change. An energy booster, silver topaz becomes more powerful over time as it attunes to the energy of the owner.


Encompassing the spectrum of light energy, opal acts as a prism within the aura. It inspires imagination, intuition and insight. Opal allows for the release of emotion as it cleanses and heals the emotional body and is an excellent stone for healing trauma (current and past life).


Offering stabilizing and soothing energy, emerald increases the understanding of one’s life purpose. It has a calming effect on the emotions and is excellent for clearing negativity.

Green Tourmaline

Soothing for sleep and good for quieting the mind, green tourmaline is probably the best healing stone for the physical heart. It inspires compassion and patience and helps to create a sense of belonging.


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