Leo ~ “I Will”

Leo ~ “I Will”

Leos are natural born leaders who have a love of life. Leo, the second fire sign, begins on July 23rd and lasts until August 22nd. Ruled by the Sun, they shine with brilliance and charisma. Like the symbol that rules them, Leos are true “kings of the jungle” as they approach life with creativity, self confidence and drama. Because people are drawn to them, Leo’s can inspire individuals as well as groups of people.

Leos love to laugh but they can also be headstrong and willful.

Keeping their egos in check is something Leo needs to be mindful of, but their motivation is usually the result of a need to do good and not because their egos are out of control. Deep inside, Leos are extremely sensitive and can be too proud to ask for what they need.

Leo Facts:
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Symbol: The Lion
Flower: Sunflower
Stone: Ruby, Topaz
Lucky Numbers: 1,3,10,19
Likes: Theater, holidays, bright colors, fun, expensive things
Dislikes: Being ignored, not being treated well, facing difficult realities

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