Gardening With The Fairies

Ascendant Books Fairy Garden

A good fairy garden has plants as well as decor. Use your imagination to consider where the fairies may go and what they may do in the space you create for them. A perfect world can be created with plants such as moss, ivy and objects found in nature such as stones or twigs. Add  fairy doors to invite them in and give them stepping stones and miniature houses to dwell in. The possibilities are endless; use your imagination to create the perfect little world.

Ascendant Books Fairy Garden

Some little facts about  fairies:

  • Fairy gardens debuted in the US in 1893 and have been around ever since.
  • The practice of fairy gardening is a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. 
Ascendant Books Fairy Garden
  • Fairies like tidiness, glittery shiny things, low lighting and most of all….they love music.
  • They dislike things made of iron and the ringing of bells that are not their own.
  • Fairies do not like bread or salt.
  • Troop Night is a fairy version of New Year’s Eve which is celebrated on Halloween. The fairies gather and journey into the human world.
Ascendant Books Fairy Garden

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