Celebrating The Sign of Cancer ~ "I Feel"


Cancer - “I Feel”
June 21 - July 22

No sign is as misunderstood as Cancer. With a tendency to be emotional and sensitive, Cancer feels things deeply. Like the symbol of the Crab, they retreat into protection mode if they feel threatened or hurt. Because of their ability to shift directions at a moment’s notice, Cancer is fascinating, alluring and creates an aura of mystique. Like the moon that rules the sign, Cancer changes quickly but the sensitive nature of the Cancer soul can mesmerize with beauty.

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The time of Cancer is conducive to connecting with our roots, the home and family. It is a time for nurturing and appreciating the gifts that come with deep emotional connections. Get aligned with the watery aspect of Cancer by spending time around the ocean or other bodies of water. Attune to the soft light that illuminates the darkness and glimpse the depth of your emotional roots. 

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Ruling Planet - The Moon
Symbol - The Crab
Flower - Larkspur
Stones - Ruby, Pearl and Moonstone
Lucky numbers - 3 and 7
Likes - Art, home based hobbies, helping loved ones, being near water
Dislikes - revealing too much about themselves, being rushed, strangers

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