Dragon Lore

Enter The Magical World Of Dragons

Stories about dragons have been around for centuries throughout different cultures. From the famous stories of dragonslayers to ‘Game of Thrones,’ they have captivated our hearts and minds with the promise of mystical wisdom, power and awe. Every ancient culture seems to love dragons. Japanese, Greek, Icelandic, Chinese and Celtic cultures all share stories about dragons. Here are a few interesting facts about dragons that may inspire you to venture into the realm of the dragon.

  • There are three species of Ancient Chinese Dragons; “lung” (sky), “li” (sea) and “kiau (marsh). The dragons connect to the different elements and are believed to be a symbol of royalty.
  • The Celts thought dragons existed in the afterlife. They were revered as powerful animals     who had the gift of prophecy. When life ended, it was expected that a dragon would assist you to the other side.
  • Some dragons have wings while others don’t. Having wings does not appear to affect their ability to fly...with or without wings, they have the magical ability to soar.
  • Eastern dragons are smaller than Western dragons. They have longer bodies and have horns for ears. They do not roar but make the sound of beating gongs or jingling bells. Western dragons are enormous fire breathing serpents who are fierce and hungry. They were around in the Middle Ages when knights challenged them to battle.
  • Dragon medicine is associated with change, transformation and supernatural abilities. Their ability to shed their skin and completely transform is an illustration of the kind of magical powers dragons possess. Rising from the ashes, they are reborn into a new life.

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