May Birthstone Bag

One of the highest vibration stones, it is connected to the Angelic realm. It helps one to connect with guides and other dimensions as it links the crown chakra and heart chakra while activating the third eye. The pure love energy of danburite brings peace, calmness and serenity.

The power of rhodochrosite is useful for balancing emotional and mental processes. It enhances love on all levels and allows fuller love to enter one’s life. It helps to release and balance inner conflicts which clears the way for happiness and joy to be experienced.

The traditional birthstone of May, emerald is known as the stone of love and romance. It can calm emotions while invigorating thoughts and reflections. Emeralds benefit intuition and communication and have a rejuvenating effect on the physical body.

Often called ‘teardrops of the moon’ pearls have a calming and centering energy. They enhance personal integrity and promote purity and faith. They are helpful in connecting to goddess energy as well as the essence of love.

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