Gaia 'Mother of the Earth' Bags

Watermelon Tourmaline
This pink and green stone works with the heart chakra in cleansing and removing blockages. It works well as a balancing stone with male and female energies as it inspires creativity and practicality. It is useful at times where domestic upheaval or illness are present and is a good fertility stone.

The power of rhodochrosite is useful for balancing emotional and mental processes. It enhances love on all levels and allows fuller love to enter one’s life. It helps to release and balance inner conflicts which clears the way for happiness and joy to be experienced.

Mother Earth Crystal Bag

This is a great stone for working with Earth energy as it can provide direction on what is required for the healing of the Earth. By attuning to the forces of the earth it can remove negativity. Connected to the throat chakra, it is a good stone for expression, empowerment and teaching.

Clear Quartz
Clear and bright, quartz is known for amplifying the energy of the stones around it. It brings strength and clarity to the energy field.

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