Awakening the Feminine Spirit

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Gaia - Mother Earth

Gaia is also known as the goddess of the Earth. When she was born at the dawn of creation, Gaia stretched out to become all of the earth’s lands. Her maternal power was revered in Greek mythology when she gave birth to the Titans (the first race of the Gods) and the first humans. She was seen as a benevolent and nurturing mother and was an eternal force that sustained and granted life.

The name Gaia has become synonymous with Mother Nature as she personifies the entire environment of the planet Earth. Working to achieve balance and harmony, she nurtures, heals and supports all life. Attuning our consciousness to the energy of Gaia allows us to live in balance with the environment and with all life. When we are out of balance with the earth energy, our personal and global environment suffers.

In ancient times the Greeks believed that an oath sworn by Gaia was the strongest you could make since no one could escape from the earth itself. In honoring Gaia today, we can make an oath to her by reducing the impact of our actions on the environment, by respecting the earth and all existence and by acknowledging the beauty in life. As spring renews itself, the energy of Gaia re-emerges as a replenishing and healing energy that renews our earth with the cyclical energy of creation.

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