Crystal Grids

edmonton crystal grid

Crystal grids use the arrangement of crystals on a specific geometric shape. The combination and arrangement of crystals in sacred geometric patterns creates a synergistic energy which can attune to a specific need or intention. In this way, they can focus and enhance the universal life force energy.

The Crystal Vaults suggests an easy way to construct a crystal grid:

Focus Stones: The crystal located in the centre of the grid gathers, focuses and amplifies energy. The energy that flows outward from the stone is modified and shaped by the colour of the focus stone and the design of the grid.
Way Stones: These stones immediately surround the focus stone and further modify and amplify energy.
Desire Stones: Located on the outermost side of the grid, the purpose of these stones is based on the purpose of the grid. By attuning to and shaping the energy of the other stones, they help to create the desired outcome.
The Path: An energy conduit implementing sacred geometry helps to align, transmit and guide energy. Following the lines of the grid, the path connects the stones to the patterns of life. Each grid design and shape has specific meanings and uses. Circles, hexagons, spirals, etc. are examples of the patterns of sacred geometry and can be incorporated into the purpose of the grid.
The Visual: Background designs, patterns and colours further attune grids to specific purposes.

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