Bustin’ Out Crystal Bag

Edmonton metaphysical bookstore crystals

Bustin’ Out Crystal Bag

Citrine: manifestation, personal power and will, imagination, creativity, action.

Tiger’s Eye: helps to balance the flow of energy Propels moving forward by strengthening and energizing our sense of purpose. Helps to “step out of the box” and try something new.

Bronzite: encourages us to take control of our actions and promotes certainty and control. Helps us be certain about what we want in life.

Sichuan Quartz: helps to expand awareness and balance energy. It raises the vibration of the physical body as it can assimilate the full spectrum of light.

Magnesite: Strong stone for imagination and creative visualization. Helps develop and clarify psychic visions. The soothing vibration can tune into the energy of the heart and assists in responding to inner desires.

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