Abundance and Manifestation Grid

Abundance and Manifestation Grid
Abundance and Manifestation Grid

Abundance and Manifestation Grid

Utilizing a grid to help us manifest our dreams can be a creative and beautiful way to remind us of our intentions. Build your grid to reflect your specific desires and use your favourite crystals to enhance your intention. We have designed a grid for abundance using some of our favourite stones that complement the manifestation process.

Green Aventurine
Known as the Stone of Opportunity, green aventurine is thought to be the luckiest of crystals. A powerful stone for manifesting prosperity, it helps to release old patterns to make way for new growth. It is a stone that connects to nature and can be effective in gridding houses or gardens against geopathic stress.

Also called “Fool’s Gold,” Pyrite resonates with the energy of fire and helps to generate abundance by connecting to personal power. It is a stone of action, will and potential and is an excellent stone for increasing vitality.

Connecting to the energy of the solar plexus and third chakra, citrine is a powerful stone for manifestation, imagination and personal will. It assists in acquiring and maintaining wealth.

Black Tourmaline
A wonderful grounding stone black tourmaline helps to deflect negative energy and thoughts. It is regarded as a shamanic stone and is useful in providing protection and purification when doing ritual work. It works well in layouts such as grids if the tourmaline is double-terminated as energy can flow equally in both directions.

Clear quartz has the ability to amplify energy. It works with any intent that is being focused on and resonates and attunes to the energy of other stones.

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