February Birthstone Bag

Amethyst - The gently sedative energy of amethyst helps in breaking the cycle of addiction. It promotes peacefulness, happiness and contentment and is a good stone to use while meditating.

Turquoise - If received from a friend, turquoise is believed to protect the wearer from negative energy and bring good fortune. Turquoise is a stone which takes on the energy of the person wearing it and therefore becomes personal and meaningful to that individual. It is a powerful symbol of friendship.

Green Flourite - Dispels negative energy from the environment. It is a good stone for creating focus.

Bloodstone - Known as stones of courage, bloodstones improve physical strength and enhance self esteem. They calm anxiousness and boost the spirit by minimizing aggressiveness, impatience and irritability.
Clear Quartz - Quartz amplifies and transforms energy. It enhances the energy of other stones and is an excellent stone to use in a grid.

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