Stay Present With Your Presence


We’re coming up to one of the busiest times of the year. Trying to find down time is often difficult but here are a few tips for making time for yourself in all the holiday hustle and bustle.

Make a Wish LIst

Write down three things you want to do more of then pick one to focus on. With that intention in mind, you are less likely to forget what you want and more likely to remember what you need. 


Keep Your Promises

Keep the promises you made to yourself very specific. What do you want to make time for? Even five minutes a day doing something you enjoy can make a difference. Anything that helps to recharge your batteries helps you to stay focused and makes you feel that your busy schedule is not taking up all of your time and energy.


Daydream or Meditate

Letting your mind wander by daydreaming gives the parts of the brain associated with ‘directed attention’ a chance to refresh. Meditating improves the brain’s ability to filter distraction and create focus. Take a few minutes a day to do either one, and you will feel the difference.


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