Sagittarius - "I Aim"

November 23 - December 21

Symbol: The Archer
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Flower: Narcissus
Stone: Turquoise
Lucky numbers: 3,4,12, 21
LIkes: adventure travelling, honesty, intellect, speculation, animals
Dislikes: deception, sitting still, being insulted

Inspired, optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius brings sparkle to the world. With enthusiasm, excitement and big dreams, Sagittarius can inspire those around them with their intelligence and sense of humour. They make wonderful teachers as they are spontaneous, fun to be around and love to share knowledge. 

Speaking the truth is important to people born under this sign, but sometimes their honesty can be a bit harsh. They often have to learn to speak the truth while understanding that the truth is not always easy for people to hear. Their energy is boundless and needs to be channelled or they can becomes restless and impatient. The carefree nature of Sagittarius is often hard to pin down but once they make a commitment, they are extremely loyal and sincere. Following their dreams gives them direction and reaching a destination only inspires them to seek further.


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