Using Crystals in Meditation

There are a variety of ways you can utilize crystals in meditation. One of our favourite authors, Judy Hall, has excellent examples of meditations with various crystals. Using a stone that aligns with the purpose of your meditation is the first step in beginning the meditation. Crystals align with the energy of your chakras and generally the colour of the crystal aligns to the colour of the chakra - for example: rose quartz aligns with the heart chakra. She suggests that guided meditations can be helpful to assist with the relaxation process.

After your crystal has been programmed, sit in a comfortable chair in an upright position to allow the energy to flow freely. Hold onto the crystal and continue to relax. With your eyes closed, breathe deeply and allow yourself to attune to the energy of the crystal. Release any tension you feel in your body. You may feel the energy of the stone and the program you placed in it may fill your mind. Flow with the energy of the mediation and notice any changes within your body. Depending on the purpose of the meditation, you may feel several responses. Stay with the energy until you are ready to finish. Give thanks to the crystal for the results you have experienced. 

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