Setting Up a Crystal Grid

Using a grid which integrates sacred geometry with the power of crystals is another way to work actively with crystals. Decide on your intention and choose stones that are aligned to that energy. For example, if you want to create abundance, you can choose stones like citrine or malachite in your grid. There are several grids available to choose for the purpose you have in mind. Place the grid in an area of your home that will not be disturbed and leave it for a month or so. You can place several grids throughout your space.

  • Cleanse your space by burning sage or enhance the energy by burning candles that engage your purpose.
  • Write down your intention and place it in the middle of the grid. State your intention out loud or visualize it in your mind. 
  • Set up the surrounding stones in the grid layout. Start from the exterior and move towards the interior keeping in mind your intention or goal.
  • Place the center crystal on top of the written intention.
  • Activate the layout by using a quartz crystal point to connect the invisible lines between each stone. This will connect the stones energetically to each other. 


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