Crystal Healing Bag for Stress, Anxiety and Focus

For the student in your life, this bag contains an assortment of crystals that alleviate anxiety and strengthen confidence.

New classes, new teachers and new schedules can be overwhelming.  A bag with specially chosen stones can help with the uncertainty of transition.

Dumorite is a stone that has a strong ability to aid intellectual activity.  It is useful for anyone who is learning or studying as it creates mental discipline and concentration.  Dumorite is an excellent stone to use for enhancing patience.

Smokey Quartz is a strongly protective stone that works against negativity.  It is extremely grounding and anchoring.

Pyrite is a strong stone that promotes positive thinking and manifestation.  Also known as Fool’s Gold, it can help with feelings of inadequacy as it boosts feelings of self-worth and self esteem

Sodalite enhances self-expression and confidence.It stimulates latent creative abilities and aids students and teachers to understand deeper philosophical principles.

Iolite strengthens the entire auric field and etheric body. It stimulates thinking and is very powerful in enhancing the imagination.

Lepidolite is a beautiful lilac stone which is extremely calming to anyone who is feeling anxious, stressed or depressed. It contains lithium and is excellent for any kind of stress.

Citrine has a strong ability to soothe fear and anxiety. It is a powerful stone for manifesting abundance.

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