Supporting the Animals We Love

The animals in our life are our friends and companions.  Providing them with care and support is how we show them our love. This month, the focus is on our furry friends.  Some of the unique products we offer provide us with a way to give back and support our animal companions. If you are looking for a gift to honor your pet consider getting them a pet gemstone to wear on their collar. Pick the right stone for the energy you wish to create or honor them by doing a pet blessing….we have pet blessing kits that have everything you will need to create a special ritual or blessing for the pet you love.  

Connecting with the spirit and wisdom inherent in animals gives us the opportunity to understand the unique gifts and messages they have to offer.  Oracle cards such as Animal Messages or the Secret Language of Animals show us what we may need to listen to and honor in our own lives. For children, we have an assortment of books and cards which stimulate their imagination as well as assisting them to bond with the animal kingdom.  

If you are looking for ways to benefit the health and well being of your dog or cat you will want to check out our books on energy healing and holistic health care. If you are dealing with a dog or cat with anxiety or stress related issues we have some unique products that are proven to help with these challenges. Modern life is full of things that can make a pet nervous….noise, overwhelming sights and smells and simply the fast pace of their surroundings.  Flower essences are a type of herbal medicine consisting of diluted tinctures made from flowers.  The 5 Flower Remedy, also known as Rescue Remedy helps to comfort animals and people in all kinds of stressful situations. Made from the essences of Clematis, Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem, the drops can be put into a small amount of water for your pet to drink. You can also put the drops on your pet’s paws or put a few drops on your hand and stroke the remedy into their fur. This gentle approach to relaxation has been proven to help with fear and any kind of anxiety your pet may experience.  

The effect of music as a stress reliever and mood enhancer is well known.  If your cat or dog is anxious or nervous, the CD series Through a Dog’s Ear and Through a Cat’s Ear are beneficial for soothing your nervous or frightened pet. For dogs, the special music has been designed to provide ease by playing music that is simple and is easily assimilated.  Solo piano provides rich, full spectrum frequencies that have been shown to relax dogs.  The music enhances states conducive to healing and wellness by applying resonance (tone) and entrainment (rhythm) to every composition.  Used in many shelters and boarding facilities, this music is renowned for creating a relaxation response in tense and anxious dogs. 

In a similar fashion, the music for cats uses sound for relaxation. By removing high frequencies from the arranged piano music, frequency modulation takes place in the mid and low frequency ranges. Arousing frequencies are reduced and soothing frequencies are increased. Creating a consistent auditory environment helps cats to deal with change and disruptions in their environment.

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