July Birthstone Bag


Known as the traditional birthstone for July, the ruby brings life force, vitality and passion to those who wear it or work with it. Stimulating the root chakra, it is strongly grounding and protective. Ruby can be used to stimulate physical energy. This beautiful red stone allows you to see your own strength and vibrates with an intensity that projects energy and enthusiasm for life.

With it’s gentle, calming energy, moonstone assists in strengthening intuition and psychic perception. Moonstone holds the power of mystery within its reflected light and is deeply connected to the power of the moon. It is a talisman for the inner journey as it takes us deep into the self to discover what is missing.

Assisting with creativity and ambition, carnelian is connected to the sacral chakra. It activates creative and sexual energy and with its revitalizing power, it helps to increase a drive for action. Overcoming procrastination and increasing energy flow are associated with this invigorating stone.  

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