Fun in the Sun

Hot summer days and nights makes summer an active and fun season but keeping cool can be a challenge.  The Cool Towel can help you cool off on the hottest of days. Completely portable, this towel is 100% non-toxic and odourless.  It can bring instant relief from overheating and sunburn and it also works well with hot flashes and night sweats.   Stay cool for hours wherever you are and enjoy summer to the fullest.

Relaxus Cool Towel

Our portable water fans are another way to cool off during the summer heat.  Fill the bottle with water, turn on the fan and enjoy the cooling mist on the hottest of days.  Kids also enjoy the smaller penguin fans - keeping everyone cool and comfortable is a summer must.  If you’re out and about at night time, try our portable LED lanterns.  These lights are lightweight and easy to store and you can use them while camping or travelling - a great addition to summer holidays and get togethers!

Mist fans
handheld penguin fans
handheld LED lanterns

In addition to keeping yourself chilled physically, try some of our stress relaxing products to keep yourself balanced and calm.  Massage rollers, stress pucks and stress balls are comfortable and portable methods of relaxing tight and tense muscles.  At work or at home, these products are great ways to reduce tension.  

Enjoy your summer while staying chill on the inside and out!

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