Crystal Healing Bags

This month we're featuring two crystal bags to honour the spirit of motherhood.  

First we have created the Gaia Bag with Chrysocolla, Watermelon Tourmaline and Rhodochrosite, used to connect with the energy of the Mother of the Earth.  Each bag contains specially selected stones with pink and green hues which naturally align with the power of feminine energy.  

Gaia Crystals 

Gaia Crystals 

For May, our birthstone bags consist of stones which align with the energy of growth and the feminine spirit.  Each bag contains:

Emerald, a stone of love and romance beneficial for increasing intuition and communication.

Red Jasper, a great stone for connecting with the grounding energy of the Earth.  Its cleansing effect eliminates negativity and is ideal for restoring balance.

Moonstone, a gentle and calming stone which is useful in strengthening intuition and psychic perception.  

Black Tourmaline, an ideal stone for psychic protection.  It clears the environment of negativity and is extremely grounding.


May birthstone healing crystal bag

The combination of the stones contained in either of these specialized bags are the perfect gifts to honour your mother or to simply honour the spirit of the earth mother.

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