Fertility and Flower Power

With the hope and renewal of spring, we are reminded of fertility and new growth.  In ancient times and in many cultures, festivals were held to celebrate the Spring Goddess who was associated with flowering, growth and fertility.  We have a selection of Goddess statues which can be added to your altar or sacred space to represent the replenishing and fruitful aspects of the season.  


If you prefer to align yourself directly with the energy of flowers, consider utilizing the subtle gentleness of flower essences. Flower essences can assist in guiding you through times of change or help you in removing barriers. Each essence has a unique ability and purpose on an energy level. Mariposa Lily is an example of a flower essence aligned with spring and fertility as it can increase the chance of conception by aligning with maternal consciousness.


In  addition to books, colouring books and journals exploring creativity, we have chosen a few of our favourite stones which promote regeneration and fertility and which can aid you in your transition into this new season.  Our fertility bags include:


Agate - increases chances of success with IVF

Red Garnet - a great regenerative stone of commitment and sexual potency

Shiva Lingam - assists in balancing masculine and feminine energies for true balance

Clear Quartz - a Master Healer which amplifies energy and intention




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