As The Wheel Turns

aries horoscope

The wheel has turned and we have we entered Spring.   It is a time for planting new seeds, a time for new beginnings and a time to cast off the darkness of winter as we look toward new possibilities and beginnings.  The first sign and first house on the zodiac wheel is Aries.  It is a sign ruled by the element of fire and the planet Mars.  People born under this sign demonstrate qualities of self assertiveness, drive and initiative.  

~ If your birthday is between March 21 - March 30 you are influenced by the planet Mars.  You are especially brave, energetic, strong, courageous and passionate.

~ If you were born between March 31 - April 9 you are influenced by the Sun.  You are proud, generous, noble, ambitious and are adept at surmounting obstacles.

For those people born between April 10 - April 19, you are influenced by the planet Venus which makes you passionate, tender, and very fond of fine arts and music.

Some lucky stones for Aries are agate, amazonite, hematite, serpentine, carnelian and malachite.  


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