Cleanse Your Space


More and more people are walking into our store wanting to know how to use sage and other incense to cleanse and purify their space.

If you're moving into a new space, moving out or just moving on, smudging your home, office, vehicle, etc with sage is a great way to cleanse, purify and invigorate the energy around you!

There are numerous ways to burn sage to smudge your environment.  You can burn sage in bundle by lighting the end with a flame and smouldering the smoke with a feather. Make sure it's 100% extinguished when complete.  You can use your sage bundle anytime you wish - it never loses it's strength over time.

To smudge your home, fan the smouldering smoke in every room.  It helps to say a prayer or set an intention to encourage all negative energies to dissipate. Smudge until you feel the space is cleansed.  

We have sage and sweetgrass room sprays as well for a smokeless option of cleansing.


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