How To Use a Crystal Massage Wand

Use a gentle pressure with slow movement. When on trigger points in the muscles, use steady firm pressure on each point that feels sore for about 10-20 seconds then move to the next point. Use small rotation and stay close to the point in question. For lymph nodes, you must use extremely light pressure and very light stroking away from the swelled area but not on the injury. On acupressure points, use a wand or two with light steady pressure without movement on one or two points simultaneously. For chakras, use circular movement 2-6 inches above the chakra. Practice clockwise motions to help pull out energies and counter-clockwise to infuse energy.



Crystal Wands: The wands that we carry are made with the intention of bringing balance to your chakra centers. The following steps will guide you through using your wands for self healing:


Step 1: Removing Lower Vibrations


  • Clear and charge your wand, through whichever technique you feel comfortable with.

  • Ensure your back is straight; in either a sitting or standing position.

  • Start taking in slow and deep soothing breaths, relaxing every part of your body; starting from your toes and continuing up to your head.

  • Hold your wand in your dominant hand.

  • Place your wand in front of your base chakra, with the point of the wand aimed at your chakra.

  • Start spinning your wand counter clockwise to remove any stagnant energy.

  • Keep spinning until your intuition tells you to stop.


Step 2: Bringing in the Light


  • Start by holding your wand in front of your base chakra.

  • Envision radiant white light entering your entire being through your crown.

  • Spin the wand clockwise to fill the chakra that you have just cleansed with new revitalizing energy. Continue doing this until you feel you are ready to move on.

  • Keep working your way up until you have reached your crown chakra.


Please note: Crystal wands should only be used for self healing purposes if you are not a trained and experienced healer.



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