Harmony and Re-Calibrating Oneself


Light breaks into spectrum colours at the same intervals as notes in a musical scale, and as the same intervals as the planets aligning around the sun in our solar system. The universal elements of the perfection and harmony are what we need to bring back balance, harmony and health into our live. Sound therapy and crystals are here to help us restore balance and clear blockages in our energy field.


Each musical note corresponds with a chakra. C- root, D- sacral, E- solar, F- heart, G- throat, A- third eye, B- crown, and so on. When we play a singing bowl and listen to the note, it brings our energetic body back in tune with it's original harmonious vibration. We are then bringing our human instruments back in tune.


In the book Soul Retrieval Sandra Ingerman explains "many Native Americans refer to drumming as the 'heart-beat of the earth.'" In this regard, it is remarkable that the electromagnetic resonance frequency of the earth, which has been measured at 7.5 cycles per second, is equivalent in brain waves to high theta/low alpha. It appears that drumming allows shamans to align their brainwaves with the pulse of the earth."



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