Handmade Buffalo and Elk Skin Drums

It has been said by many influential people throughout history that sounds have the power to heal. What better way to mend a broken soul than with the sound of music. Our handmade buffalo or elk skin drums each have a unique voice just like any individual and will change with the drummer and the drummer's environment.


The language of the drum has been used for centuries throughout different cultures in ceremonies and celebrations to remind us of who we truly are and how we are supposed to live as beautiful humans.

Each drum is unique and one of a kind from its animal hide and cedar hoop in colour to the texture and voice. If you plan on purchasing one of these amazing instruments, make sure you take good care and it will last a lifetime. Our drums are made from the highest quality of hide and when you purchase one, you are supporting indigenous grandmothers and many hands of the multicultural Alaskan community.



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